What God Meant Vol. 2 - Exodus (English)

What God Meant Vol. 2 - Exodus (English)
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In this second book of the What God Meant series Kabbalah scholar Michael Berg imparts wisdom... mehr
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In this second book of the What God Meant series Kabbalah scholar Michael Berg imparts wisdom both from decades of research and from sources unique to his lineage. Gems of insight from Rav Berg, Rav Ashlag, the Ari, and the Zohar are complemented by teachings from the Age of Enlightenment. Tapping into this period of the 18th century is especially appropriate for this book because here Michael offers readers a shot at true illumination. Kabbalah explains that the Bible is neither just a book of stories to be taken literally nor an historical archive of events. Although these occurrences took place thousands of years ago, there are transcendent fundamentals hidden within each tale.

In What God Meant: Exodus, Michael Berg drills through complex concepts to reveal essential spiritual truths. He addresses contemporary challenges by demonstrating that each one of us is powerful and can change the way God planned events; that if we want good in this world, we can demand it now. We do not have to accept things as predetermined. We can expand our perception to see God in everything and everyone. Through these examples and more, we are inspired to reveal Light in even the darkest of places. The knowledge shared within these pages can awaken our desire for transformation, and thereby lead us to fulfill our real purpose.

Artikeltyp: Buch
Sprache: English
Autor: Michael Berg
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