The Power of Kabbalah (English)

The Power of Kabbalah (English)
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The Power of Kabbalah 13 Principles to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Fulfillment Our familiar... mehr
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The Power of Kabbalah 13 Principles to Overcome Challenges and Achieve Fulfillment Our familiar reality is the physical 1 Percent Realm in which we live. Here we face challenges and obstacles 24/7. Yet here is another world called the 99 Percent Realm. According to Kabbalah everything we truly desire: love, joy, peace of mind, freedom, is available to us when we connect with this dimension beyond our five senses. When we reactively deal with our problems through anger, jealousy, fear, and insecurity we inadvertently disconnect ourselves from the source of lasting fulfillment. Imagine we could use our difficulties as stepping stones to constantly access the 99 Percent Utilizing Kabbalistic tools we can rise above the limitations of this physical world and make a connection to this highest source of energy. The 13 principles found in this book are culled from teachings that are more than 4000 years old. When applied, these principles can help us to remove chaos, personal struggle, and despair and reconnect us to a destiny of lasting happiness. This is the Power of Kabbalah.

Artikeltyp: Buch
Sprache: English
Autor: Yehuda Berg
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