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Pure White Sage - Hemp Twine You'd be amazed if you could see the entities that may be... mehr
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Pure White Sage - Hemp Twine

You'd be amazed if you could see the entities that may be lingering around your home or clinging to your physical body! Negative actions leave behind a residue that can clutter up your emotional and physical life.

Mem Vav Mem - has the power to cleanse your body and your environment. Used in combination with Sage, this potent duo absorbs negativity and enhances the flow of life. It will drive away any negative forces and tensions that can give rise to misfortune.

Mem Vav Mem - is one of the 72 Names of God, and ancient technology revealed to the public for the first time, in the book, The 72 Names of God, by Yehuda Berg.

please note: one order contains one sage bundle

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