Red String Package (Hebrew)

Red String Package (Hebrew)
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Red String Package IF LOOKS COULD KILL ...! Did you ever wonder where this... mehr
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Red String Package IF LOOKS COULD KILL ...! Did you ever wonder where this old expression comes from? Consider this ... according to Kabbalah, envious stares and looks of ill will can prevent us from realizing our potential. Kabbalists attribute much of everyday misfortunes to the evil eye - the negative glances and resentful looks we receive from people harboring destructive feelings towards us. The three-letter sequence of the Aleph Lamed Daled is one of several safeguards which, according to Kabbalah, when used in conjunction with the Red String, offers protection from looks of envy and the mean-sortied intentions of others. Used for centuries by the Kabbalists, The Red String connects us to Rachel The Matriarch, who represents the aspects of protection in the physical realm. Her greatest desire and purpose in life was to protect and defend all of her children from evil. That is why she evokes the element of protection from the universe. Each piece of Red String produced by The Kabbalah Centre is taken to Rachel’s tomb in Israel, and with the power of the Aleph Lamed Daled it is imbued with the essence of protection. The Red String is worn on the left wrist - the receiving side of the body and soul - sealing protective energy within while intercepting negative influences that exists.

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Sprache: Hebrew
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