Path to the Light Vol 1 (English)

Path to the Light Vol 1 (English)
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In Volume 1 of Rav Berg’s anthology of commentary on the Bible you will find kabbalistic explanations of the portions of Beresheet, Noah, and Lech Lecha. A sage far ahead of his time, the Rav drew on a broad scope of reference to elucidate the spiritual technology that is the Bible. Through source materials culled from forty years of his talks, videos, and lectures given around the world, we gain insight into many layers of wisdom that expand our consciousness and support us in this physical dimension of life in the here and now.

This volume was lovingly compiled and edited over a period of seven years. Each biblical verse is followed by the Rav’s essential commentaries, preserving his passion and humor. His teachings draw on a wealth of topics ranging from quantum theory to environmental science and astrophysics, and features quotations from the Zohar, the Talmud, Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari), and many other kabbalists.

Artikeltyp: Buch
Sprache: English
Autor: Rav Berg
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