Life Rules (English)

Life Rules (English)
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Life Rules - how kabbalah can turn your life from a problem into a solution The wisdom of... mehr
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Life Rules - how kabbalah can turn your life from a problem into a solution

The wisdom of Kabbalah that you'll learn in this book will blow your mind - and then it will change your life!

For startes, you'll learn the secrets of the universe:

You'll discover that the world as it appears (you know, the one you see and hear around you all the time) is not all there is. In fact, it's only 1 percent of all there is.

You'll learn about the 99 percent realm of relaity, known in Kabbalah as the Light, and you'll realize that total happiness and joy are only possible by connecting to the Light.

You'll find out how ego acts like a curtain to seperate you from the Light. It's this seperarion - not school, parents, unattainable boys or girls, or acne - that is the source of all your unhappiness.

Kabbalah will teach you never to mistake someone else's search for happiness as a threat to your own. Everything is connected - nothing "suddenly" happens, and there is always a cause. Armed with this wisdom, "you" happen to your life, rather than your life happening to you. You'll stop playing the blame and shame games and have everything from school to relationships more the way you want it.

Perhaps more exciting, you'll learn the Transformation Formula, a simple, practical formula you can apply every time an obstacle shows up. It will allow you to shut down your reactive system and be more in control, more proactive, and more able to let the Light in. When you do that, what's now hard in your life can become a whole lot easier, and what baffles and confuses you will become a whole lot clearer.

Artikeltyp: Buch
Sprache: English
Autor: Yehuda Berg
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