Immortality (Russian) - Бессмертие

Immortality (Russian) - Бессмертие
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Каббала очень долго оставалась ревностно охраняемой тайной, запертой за семью замками. Наконец пришло время, когда с помощью таких книг как “Бессмертие, вечная жизнь неизбежна”, она может быть в доступной̆ форме раскрыта каждому. Как говорит Рав Берг, именно знание, понятное неспециалисту, — это и есть подлинное знание.

In this classic work by one of the world's greatest and best-loved Kabbalists, Rav Berg introduces us to mind-boggling concepts that show how our own limited consciousness is the only thing standing between ourselves and immortality - physical immortality, not just spiritual immortality. Rav Berg explain how and why death originated and how we have always had the ability to overcome it. In a unique blend of memoir, history, science, and religion, the Rav takes us on his own personal journey, along with those of past great kabbalists. He decodes key biblical stories, such as Creation, Adam and Eve, and the Golden Calf, and he makes the connection between contemporary scientific "discovery" and the mysticism of Kabbalah. Almost two decades ago, Rav Berg was talking and writing about topics that many found hard to accept at the time but which have since become main stream, at least in the science and technology arena - the wonders of DNA, the promise of stem cell research and genetically-based treatments for disease, the mapping of the human genome, the cloning of a mammal. And the power of "mind over matter" was not as widely accepted by the public and the medical community as it is today. So when IMMORTALITY was first published in book form, the manuscript which had been written entirely in long-hand, as The Rav channeled it, was significantly altered by editors in an effort to tone down his extraordinary, seemingly far-fetched ideas. Now, at last, in this new and revised edition, the Rav's original content has been restored.



Sprache: Russian
Artikeltyp: Buch
Autor: Rav Berg
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