Beyond Blame (English)

Beyond Blame (English)
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BEYOND BLAME A Full-Responsibility Approach to Life "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" Then whose is it? In... mehr
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BEYOND BLAME A Full-Responsibility Approach to Life "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!" Then whose is it? In this book, based on popular and successful workshops at the Kabbalah Centre International, co-director and teacher Yehuda Berg advocates taking personal responsibility for life's problems rather than giving in to the tendency to blame others for them. Berg provides simple yet potent kabbalistic tools to overcome this negative tendency toward blaming and live a happier, more productive life. The latest volume in the bestselling, small-format Technology for the Soul seires, BEYOND BLAMEL A Full-Responsibility Approach to Life, is a compelling guide to achieving positive change through the power of Kabbalah. In addition to practical advice and exercises, Beyond Blame features inspiring personal stories from people who have used Kabbalah's transformational formula to stop "the blame game" and instead make the choices that lead to ultimate fulfillment. If you think that problems, chaos, and suffering in your life are random or cause by external circumstances, think again. Learn how to eliminate "victim consciousness" and improve your life, starting today!

Artikeltyp: Buch
Sprache: English
Autor: Yehuda Berg
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